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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 13, 2014 2:37am-3:59am EDT

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policy flphilosophy in an interview. clinton called president obama's early approach to syria, a quote, failure. yesterday the former secretary of state called mr. obama to talk about the comments. clinton plans to hug it out when the two couples see each other later today on martha's vineyard. >> instead of unrest, there has been community forum in st. louis about the weekend shooting of an unarmed black teen by ferguson police. reverend al sharpton among those calling for calm. steve osunsami spoke with the victim's parents. >> i close my eyes and think about him. and i weak ake up. >> reporter: we sat down with grieving parents finding themselves at the center of the store. they're asking authorities to tell them the name of the officer who killed michael brown, their 18-year-old son. >> have the police been working
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with you at all? >> no, no. >> no. >> this person has got to pay for this. >> uh-huh. >> this person has got to pay. >> reporter: these are exclusive new pictures taken moments after brown was shot to death by a still unidentified ferguson city police officer. there is the officer's police suv with his lights flashing. the teenager unarmed. he and a friend walking home to his grandmother's house when the friend says the officer drove up telling them to get off the street. police say there was a fight with the officer. witnesses say that's not true. the president weighing in. calling the death heartbreaking. police are telling us they're not identifying the police officer because they fear for his safety. >> we think that, the value that might have been gained if any by releasing the name is far outweighed by the risk of danger at this point. >> michael brown was to start school. instead a roadside memorial
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where he died. his father told me his son would light up the world, but not this way. steve osunsami, abc news, ferguson, missouri. >> the mystery behind the switching of the brooklyn bridge flags nay be solved. two german artists claimed responsibility for removing two american flags from the bridge last month and replacing them with faded white flags. the artists who are now the in berlin say the stunt was not anti-american, but a celebration of public art. new york police have confirmed their story. >> yeah, i don't think they anticipated reaction from new york police. gave cryptic video from the top of the bridge there to the new york time to corroborate their story. interesting, they said they will back to the original american flags. they folded them according to code. they have always planned to forwa forward. >> they were just honoring the architect of that bridge. john robling. >> german.
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>> german. >> interesting. moving on to the aftermath of the teenage rape case that brought so much attention to the small town of stubenville, ohio. one of the high school football players there found guilty of raping a 16-year-old two years ago. he is back on the field. malik richmond was sentenced to a year in prison and classified as a sex offender. they leave it up to schools to determine if any student can participate in sports. >> troubled pop star justin bieber is reportedly set to cut a plea deal today in his drunk driving case in miami, florida. his lawyers were reportedly accept a sgilty plea for careless driving in the alleged drag race. resisting arens. with the state dropping the dui charge. bieber will also be required to attend anger management courses. >> pepsi, quaker oats this morning facing a $2 billion lawsuit from the great grandchildren of the woman behind their multimillion dollar brand, aunt jemimah, claiming
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the company exploited anna short harrington and recipes. the lawsuit claims they failed to pay her and her family, a fair share of royalties for over 60 years. harrington's family found out last year, that quaker oats trademarked the imagine 1937. >> well, we have seen plenty of bears this summer. they've avenue been walking on their hind legs in new jersey. and eating from dump stertz. practically everywhere. >> here is another one we like. making itself comfortable in the cab of a cleaning crew. the front range arborists, colorado springs, kol comb. >> the bear didn't damage the truck. but did slobber on some one's sandwich. after a few minutes it just wandered off. >> there we go. happy ending. >> don't leave your lupch in the truck. >> unattended. smokey the bear may come and chow down on it. coming to fight the fires. saw him running away. a good sign.
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>> he is taking off. >> coming up. returning to our top story. speaking of the laughter shared by a little known co-star, sips she faced the battle of her life. >> also ahead the breakthrough treatment that can fight ebola. the main your advance and tough question as but supply and tremendous demand. >> later, looking for medical help and finding it at wal-mart. can discount stores buy topnotch health care. >> you're watching "world news now." ♪ doctor doctor is this love i'm feeling ♪ every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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welcome back. with over 1,000 lives lost in the latest ebola outbreak, the effort to aid patients is increasing. there is a major debate brewing over the new treatment of the virus. >> well that's right. the experimental treatment given to the two sick americans is having difficulty reaching the thousands of patients, patients in africa. more from abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: the world health organization has approved the use of zmap to combat ebola. calling it the largest most severe and most complex outbreak of ebola virus disease in history. that drug has shown so much promise it has been given to two american aid workers being treated for ebola in atlanta. while they beth improved, many others are in desperate need and demand for the drug is soaring. but zmap which is an extremely limited supply has notably not been provided to the africans
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who make up the majority of victims raising question as but its distribution. >> the ethical question is how we should decide who should get it if we have limited supply. we want to make sure we have clear criteria to make sure it is done fairly. >> reporter: the drug made from tobacco plants in the u.s. can take weeks to produce. and the manufacturer says available supply has been exhausted. that drug is being made in kentucky and medical experts say it will likely be the end of the year before they have enough new sa play to begin trials. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> you know the government clearing the way for expediting the trials in recent weeks. it raises some very interesting questions. when you have the experimental treatment only using it on americans, only using it on doctors, how do you decide who gets when you have a limited supply? >> exactly. there is such a need for it, the death rate between 50% and 60%. they ned to find something that will help. >> the traditional method. apparently obviously not
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working. more than 1,000 dead now. continuing. going on for weeks now. we'll continue to follow it here. coming up though, speaking of med sh medicine, the doctor will see you, apparently at wal-mart. almost. the nation's beggest retailer adding health care to their product line. >> will they be able to provide the health care, cheaper and better? the details right after this.
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. ♪ doctor doctor >> wal-mart has always promised one-stop shopping and now it wants to add health care to what you can buy there. >> they are adding it there. we love the 80s song. we are into it. they are opening clinics in their stores. not everyone thinking turning customers into patients is a good idea. abc's brandi hitt has the story.
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>> reporter: wal-mart, the one stop shopping destination for everything from groceries to clothing even treadmills. and now, your physician. the nation's largest retailer is marketing itself as primary medical provider. in adedition to 100 basic care clinics, wal-mart is opening six primary care clinics in texas and south carolina. with licensed nurse practitioners ready to diagnose and treat chronic illnesses and injuries. all for $40 a visit. just $4 if you are a wal-mart employee. the clinics are located in areas where doctors are scarce. and offside supervising physicians are ready to step in when needed. dr. michael rodriguez is not affiliated with wal-mart. >> more access to care is extremely important. but that care need to be high quality care. >> reporter: the latest step in a growing trend. drugstore clinics at walgreen's and cvs stores offering limiting screenings and vaccines have
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been growing in popularity. >> when i am jammed with time, our time schedules are tight. it is very convenient for us. >> dr. rodriguez says wal-mart is taking it a step further and he is concerned that primary care givers at the helm are nurse practitioners and not doctors. >> their training and expertise is not the same as primary care physicians. >> wal-mart opening six more primary care clinics by end of the year. it tells abc news we aim to be part of a continuum care while driving down costs for associates and customers. adding it also offers referrals to specialists as needed. brand spich brandi hitt, abc new, los angeles. >> makes sense, bring the clink to where people are. >> a big movement. target doing it. cvs, with the minute clinics. you can find me there, after hours here. >> amongst your many duties also included paetient care there.
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♪ ♪ finally this half-hour, touching remembrance of robin williams from a young woman whose life he helped save. >> as a child she was a cast member in "patch adams" when she really needed to laugh. reporter davis louis of our san francisco station has her story. >> hi. >> hi. ♪ >> what's your name? >> carrie. >> hi. >> that 7-year-old's real name is cameron. she was not acting.
2:56 am
she was battling cancer in real life. like the other children in the ward. today at age 22, cameron brook stanley is cancer-free and she remembers how robin williams cared deeply about the kids in the cast. >> he was such a real person. so when -- even off the set, when we weren't -- when we weren't filming he was just trying to hang out with the kids. and trying to make us forget that we were sick. >> reporter: cameron was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for a tumor on her kidney. williams gave her a nickname, little buddha because of her baltimore head. >> he didn't really act like a big star. he just acted like one of us. even during lunchtime we would all be sitting out on a table outside and he would run over, hey, did you try the lemonade, oh, my gosh it is so good. >> reporter: cameron has
2:57 am
keepsake photos of the shoot and this one with williams and the cast members. she says there was a real chemistry between them. we both loved to laugh. we both loved to tell jokes. that's what our friendship was, just laughs and we worked really well together. and he is just an amazing man. >> reporter: cameron was first cast as an extra but ended up as a principal with a speaking role. she is convinced williams helped her through a challenging period in her life. today a fashion designer of hand beaded miniskirts and clutch bags. and robin williams' lasting legacy is teaching her the value of laughter. >> definitely laughter is the best medicine. >> reporter: david louis, abc 7 news. >> a lesson for all of us. laughter the best medicine at such a tomb of sorrow. so many of the red noses showing up on the hollywood star, and the walk of fame, and so many memorials this morning. >> very touching. >> well that is the news for this half-hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook at
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this morning on "world news now" -- loss of a legend. remembering the civil screen superstar lauren bacall. from her marriage to humphrey bogart, hollywood at a loss. >> shocking new, disturbing details about robin williams' suicide and the spotlight now being shined on mental health. we'll have team coverage. >> and killer floods, the dangerous downpours from detroit to the east coast. the impact of this powerful storm. >> i guess she drove into the water, roads, and she got stuck. >> and the storms that could lead to a messy morning commute. it's wednesday, august 13th. >> announcer: from abc new, ts, this is "world news now."
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>> good morning, i'm michelle franzen. >> i'm devin dwyer. great to have you with us. you know memorials for robin williams still pouring in overnight. so many people having a hard time letting go of the star. >> yes, they are. certainly a lot of other people are mourning another loss. >> another huge loss this morning for hollywood, legendary actress, lauren bacall, the bronx born star died here in new york in the hospital after suffering a stroke. she was # 9. >> she appeared in movies for a half century and was known for her high-profile love life. here's abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: lauren bacall had the look, the sultry side long glance and the throaty voice full of promise. >> you know to whistle, don't you steve. you just put your slips together and blow. >> reporter: bacall's life story is the stuff hollywood movies are made of. spotted at 19 on the cover of "harper's bazaar" she was brought to hollywood to star in her first picture opposite humphrey bogart into "to have
3:02 am
and have not." >> what's the decision? >> i don't know yet. >> reporter: they fell in love. despite a 25-year age difference married the next year. ♪ >> reporter: on and off screen they were hollywood's golden couple. >> i like that. i would like more. >> reporter: no one, bacall said, has ever written a romance better than we lived it. in 1957, bogey died of cancer. bacall had a romance with frank sinatra and ill-fated marriage to actor jason robards. all the men were mistakes exempt for bogart. every single one of them was a mistake. >> reporter: bacall found salvation on stage. singing and dancing to two tony award. on screen, she evolved from seductress to the elegant elderly woman. >> there was a man in my
3:03 am
compartment. it was pitch-dark. >> reporter: you can't always be a leading lady, a glamour puss she said. >> how would it look the mother is dating and the daughter stays home alone. >> mom -- who's looking? >> reporter: people did look. bacall commanded attention. she exuded class, elegance and independence. in her 70s she was nominated for an oscar and honored at the kennedy center. [ applause ] it's hard to believe, she once said, that it all happened to me. >> because you do have of a sense that it's -- it's, how could i have lived through all of that. >> reporter: brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> such a big loss. such a big star. you met her once. >> i did get to meet her a few years back. a fixture at the dog show. she was an avid animal lover. i met her at westminster dog show. she was a wonderful person to talk to. she really loved talking about the animals. that voice. never left. >> just beautiful on screen there. as brandi said didn't get her oscar nomination until 1996. she never won one. got the honorary oscar a few
3:04 am
years later for our work. our hats off to her. >> she will be missed now. to a devastating detail about the passing of another hollywood legend. distraught fans in los angeles have been leaving tributes on robin williams' star on the hollywood walk of fame. as well as the outside his home in marin county north of san francisco. abc's kirk hawkins has more. >> reporter: the coroner confirming earlier suspicions actor/comedian robin williams committed suicide. >> mr. williams' life ended, due to hanging. >> reporter: at 10. 30. p.m., sunday, the 63-year-old last seen alive by susan schneider. she woke up and left their house thinking her husband was still asleep. before noon his personal assistant discovered his body. distraught she called 911. emergency crews responded in minutes. >> apparent suicide attempt by hanging. >> reporter: family friends speaking out. >> we have been worried. he has been fragile. really, it was clear to us, that he was not in great shape.
3:05 am
>> reporter: hollywood still reeling from the news. >> i cried. he was a good man. he wasn't my family. he wasn't my brother or any of that stuff. he was my friend. >> reporter: tributes from kes to coast. at smithsonian national portrait gallery at washington, d.c. they install aid photograph. at the san francisco home the setting for the movie "mrs. doubtfire." >> i think, many, many people looked up to him. so did i. >> reporter: robin williams' star on hollywood boulevard's walk of fame now a memorial spilling over with flowers, candles and notes. >> i mean, obviously heave brings laughter to many people. >> reporter: even outside the northern california home where he died. >> still shocking that he was unhappy, some where deep in there. to end his life like that. he will be really missed. >> reporter: a stunning loss for fans, friend and his family. kirk hawkins, abc news, los angeles. >> stay with abc news as we
3:06 am
learn more about robin williams' final days coming up. the new spotlight shed on suicide prevention. and the important warning signs about severe depression that's later this half-hour. >> now to missouri where civil rights leader al sharpton and the state's governor called for calm last night at a community forum near st. louis. violent protests you will recall broke out several nooiight ther. michael brown's grieving parents are now asking authorities to tell them the name of the officer who killed their son. >> just because he is a 6 foot -- >> police say they're withholding the officer's name because of threats against his life. an autopsy has confirmed that michael brown died of multiple gunshot wound. >> killer rain storms that flooded homes and trapped drivers from michigan to maryland are moving up the east coast this morning. more big cities are in the bull's eye. philadelphia, new york, boston all bracing now for a dangerous
3:07 am
washout. abc's ginger zee has more. >> reporter: the rescues -- >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> reporter: flash floods swallowing parts of the northeast. >> we sat and watched my car go, deeper and deeper. and now you can't see it. >> reporter: forcing land to give way near pittsburgh. more than 7 inches of rain in just hours near baltimore. the risingtrapping this woman into her car. >> drove into the water, it rose, she got stuck. >> reporter: stuck like estimated hundreds of vehicles abandoned in detroit monday. >> a lot of them were swimming out. people climbing up the emban,ment. >> people were swimming out of their cars on 75. >> standing on them, the water kept rising. they had no choice. but of it is probably 13, 12 feet deep right there. >> reporter: almost a half foot of rain, and rising to the clearance under highways killing at least two people. parts of southeast michigan in a state of emergency. >> there is significant damage
3:08 am
on freeways in terms of flooding. we made a significant survey of the area. >> reporter: the water so high, fork lifts were brought in to get the vehicles out. >> probably took us three hours to get, maybe, 15 minute drive, last night. and i have never seen anything like this in my whole life. >> reporter: in part of the city, the pumps vandalized and failing. the water going nowhere. and the system yes is on the move. today we'll see it moving through the rest of the northeast and new england. some places getting more than 3 inches, flash-flood watches from the mid-atlantic through maine. ginger zee, abc news, new york. >> this morning a new era for the l.a. clippers under way now that the team has officially been sold. former microsoft ceo steve ballmer completed his purchase of the team for $2 billion. that happened after a court in l.a. confirmed yesterday that shelley sterling had authority to sell on behalf of her family any trust. >> i hate losing the team, but it is going to a wonderful person who is going to make us
3:09 am
all proud. >> the sale of the team basically end the saga that started when former owner donald sterling's racist remarks went public. the remarks you will recall got him a lifetime ban from the nba and multimillion dollar fine. >> well we have been getting great stories lately from the nati's heartland. butter sculptures and husband calling competitions at state fairs among them. >> hog calling too. something slightly more serious. since this is an election year. take a look, the white great pyrenees, duke, the new mayor of the small village of cormorant, minnesota. >> getting a dozen votes. duke has a law and order agenda. locals say he roams around keeping an eye on everyone. slowing down cars that pass through town. and now duke can settle down. he has the got a one-year term. he looks like he is loving and reveling in his role. >> whopping 12 votes. he can scamper across the street
3:10 am
there. we are also told he will be sworn-in this weekend. not sure how that will happen. >> sure, dog bones for everyone. also makes you wonder, none of the other 12 residents wanted the job. >> the one-year term, the control room reminded us, what's that in dog years. seven years. >> exactly. he might take it. >> good for him. coming up from dogs to fish, to canning. you will want to seat cannon used to send salmon in the right direction. what a blast. it's coming of in "the mix." >> robin williams' impact on pop culture. >> nanu-nanu. >> some unforgettable things williams said and did in his many roles. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by ts pro.
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. ♪ ♪ >> welcome back. as we remember robin williams, so many of you asking on our facebook page how someone who made the whole world laugh could be so sad himself. are the two linked in some way? what are warning signs of depression all of us should look out for? dan childs is here with us. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> what does science say, a link
3:15 am
between being a comedian and suffering from depression? >> research is inconclusive some what preliminary. there is one study that suggests the rate of suicide amongst the acting, comedian community is twice the rate. >> double the rate? >> one young comedian talked about his depression and struggles with suicide. one thing he said, real depression is not being sad when something goes wrong. real depression is being sad when everything is going right. and that's perhaps something that really sort of typifies what we see here with robin williams. >> yeah, robin's death now making us take a closer look at warning signs. what are some signs we should all be looking out for? >> they basically break down into all elements of your person. you can have physical manifestati manifestations, are you feeling fatigues, kind of weak, agitated. you can also have the mental effects. are you feeling clouded, indecisive. but especially the emotional effects, the most important of these, are you losing pleasure
3:16 am
in thing that would normally give you pleasure, feeling hopeless, are you feeling, withdrawn. these are all the, the signs that can point to something truly being wrong. and signs that youed in ed inty help. >> not just daily basis. recurring, persistent issues. >> correct. at any given time any of us can experience any one of these things. if it is a pattern. keeps happening. typifies your existence. that is the time to seek help. >> telling us two simple questions you can ask if there is some one you are concerned about. ask them if they could be at risk for suicide. >> correct. one of the questions -- have you ben feeling down, depressed, withdrawn? the other is have you been losing pleasure in things that are supposed to bring you pleasure president? two things can really indicate that you are dealing with real depression. >> before we let you go. understand sowing many people in the whack of robin williams' death, reaching out to the government hotlines, what does this mean? >> correct. we talked with one major government hotline.
3:17 am
4,300 people calling in the day after robin williams' death. we have seen a speak in this. in a way could be a silver lining, people who have been struggling with this quite some time are seeking hept they need. >> dan childs. thank you, managing editor of our medical unit. thank you. we want everyone to know help is out there. you can call national suicide prevention line at -- 1-800-273-talk. michelle >> thank you, devin. as we continue on "world news now," robin williams and his many fun ne funny phrases. >> good morning, vietnam! >> which is your favorite? we'll look at williams' impact on pop culture. and ahead in our next half-hour did you ever want to get away for just an hour or so, to work without interruption or just hear yourself think? we'll look at a new app that takes away your stress you. are watching "world news now."
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3:19 am
as we mourn the loss of robin williams, we have also been celebrating all of the moments where he made us laugh, cry, and everything in between. >> you have been sharing with us through social media your favorite big screen moments and catch phrases. did yours make our list of the top five? here's abc's chris conley.
3:20 am
>> reporter: in words -- in sounds and scenes. robin williams gave us iconic moments so many still treasure. first, that memorable catch phrase -- >> nanu-nanu. >> nanu-nanu from "mork & mindy." to date handwritten sign at mork's tv home, you will be missed mork. how about the iconic weakup call from 1987s, "good morning, vietnam." >> "good morning, vietnam"! >> reporter: williams then carried it around the world! >> good morning -- >> good morning, virginia! >> good morning, baghdad! >> reporter: and even sent it up to space. >> good morning, "discovery!" >> dead poet's society would offer this scene and inspiration and later youthful defiance. >> i stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must
3:21 am
constantly look at things in a different way. >> reporter: and fans around the world doing it too. posting these images. in his memory. >> genie, i need help. >> all right, sparky, here's the deal. >> reporter: the greatest ad-libber of his comic generation, williams was unbottled anarchy as the voice of the genie in "aladdin." >> what are we fryitrying to sa? >> reporter: who could ever forget williams' role as mrs. doubtfire, the clean-up woman undercover. even in the sadness of his passing his sensibility shines. warm, generous, with laugher for all. chris conley, abc news, los angeles. >> so many -- >> lines. >> so many gems. in my office the quotation from when he was john keating in "dead poet's society." carpe diem, seize the day, boys, make your lives extraordinary.
3:22 am
love the line. >> "mrs. doubtfire," clips, a drive-by fruiting, i love all the clips. >> fish being shot out of a cannon. it is not a circus act. you will want to see this. they can't keep it to themselves. i'm switching for good wow! finish is seriously good can't believe how great it works love love love finish it's a shine that's sweeping across america. finish delivers an unbeatable clean and superior shine versus cascade's leading detergent. look no ugly spots... and see that shine? you've got to try finish. so take the finish challenge. switch and see the difference. ♪ honey, we need to talk. we do?
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back. time for "the mix." time for some good laughs. if you didn't think fish could fly. think again. i introduce you to the woosh fish cannon. take a look. >> woosshh. there it is, designed by some guys in washington state. take salmon. put them through the tube. feed them in. get them out of the river. feed them in. shoot the salmon. you'll see it over a man made dam. dams on the rivers in the northwest. a big challenge for salmon. they swim upstream to breed, spawn. if you uh love salmon, you know, the sal men have got to get up there to reproduce.
3:26 am
what better way to get them over the dam. >> looks like a wild ride. originally designed for fruit. but someone god the idea. >> 15, 22 miles an hour. 100 feet, like a fish slip and slide. >> i have a giant fish, whale shark of a story coming up next. two fishermen off the coast of the atlantic ocean. spear fishing. they got the surprise of their lives. look at this shark. >> look at that thing. >> hear underwater gasps from one of the divers. the other one he decide to just try and get on board. and i love the way whale sharks have an entourage of their own. all the little fish. >> and i do understand whale sharks are some of the more benign sharks. they're called filter fereders. wide mouths. don't like to bite. thank fufully humans. >> moving on in case you've haven't seen on line the craze, the ice bucket challenge for als.
3:27 am
so many videos on social media. this caught our eye. a daughter showing daddy how it is done. here she is. take a look. >> whoo! >> ha-ha. >> refreshing. >> ha-ha. then she moves on to dad. ha-ha-ha. >> and, a good cause for als. the ap is reporting that the als association has seen 1,000% spike already in donations thanks to this craze. get out there. give it a try. apparently word is that new jersey governor chris christie is dishing out challenges. we could see stars. >> a touching one to see. >> very sweet. >> what happens when you can't make, major league baseball? well you do the next best thing. you catch foul balls. and one manhattan guy named zach campbell decided he was going to catch foul balls for his hobby. he has collected over 7,500. his goal is 10,000. he is well on his way. he says he has a technique. he is not even watching the
3:28 am
ball. he see house it moves and he goes after it. he spent a
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on this morning on "world news now" -- dangerous downpours. the killer storms flooding big cities across a wide area of the country. the overnight damage reports and the latest from accuweather. >> remembering lauren bacall, the glamorous super star's life and death. condolences coming in overnight. >> best friends, the unbreakable bond between fellow actors, robin williams and christopher reeve, the pact they made as classmates, and the laughs they shared. >> and making a deal. new developments involving justin bieber and his drunk driving arrest just hours before the case goes to court. that's in "the skinny," on this wednesday, august 13th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
3:31 am
>> good morning. i'm michelle franzen. >> i'm devin dwyer. great to have you with us. a lot of people watching what's happening in the biebs case in miami and what penalty the judge may dish out. later this half-hour. we begin with the record breaking soaker bearing down in the northeast. torrential downpours, triggering widespread flooding and water rescues. >> the storms killed two people in michigan before battering pennsylvania. opening up this sinkhole. take a look at a tanning salon near pittsburgh. one car completely swallowed up no longer visible here. thankfully no one was hurt. abc's karen travers has more. >> reporter: from the midwest to the east coast, soaking rain. record setting rain around detroit. >> a river. outside the door. the water is up to the curb. >> in some areas, more than 6 inches in ten hours. the most rain in a single day there since 1925. >> my son just called and said
3:32 am
his basement is all flooded. >> across the metro region, hundreds of car rescues. an hundreds of more vehicles just abandoned. >> saw six cars get stuck on the way home. just trying to help out. i'm sure there will be more getting stuck over there. >> reporter: the drenching rain hit the east coast next. areas south and east of baltimore, maryland saw more than a half foot. that led to dangerous road conditions and more rescues. maryland fire fighters were busy helping stranded drivers. no injuries were reported. this photo was taken at baltimore washington international airport. cars underwater after six inches of rain poured down. and flash-flood watches are in effect all up and down the east coast. karen travers, abc news, washington. >> and that heavy rain isn't done yet. more potential flooding from the pacific northwest to the southwest and here in the northeast. >> that's right with heavy downpours this morning's commute could be dangerous. our coverage continues at accuweather with meteorologist jim dickey. good morning, jim.
3:33 am
>> good morning, devin, michelle. after bringing flooding to the detroit area monday. baltimore, d.c. yesterday. storm system, crawl eastward. now the heavy rain, flooding rain aimed at new england. watching the corridor from burlington, vermont done to long island. north, eastward boston. we're talking 2 to 4 inches of rainfall. locally higher amounts here through the day. again, flash flooding, river flooding major concern in these areas. across the northwest, storm system continues to push in. that bringing rain and storms here. a few will be severe especially eastern oregon, idaho, packing gusty winds, packing large hail. in the southwest. moisture drawn to the four corners, heavy thunderstorms through the late part of the day, flash flooding and the threat for dust storms. devin, michelle. back to you. >> thank you so much, jim. we are learning more details this morning about the death of actor robin williams. investigators say it was his personal assistant who found his body monday before noon. authorities say he committed suicide by hanging. they also found a pocketknife near his body with cuts on his wrist. friends of williams tell abc
3:34 am
news they were getting increasingly concerned about his state of mind. >> we have been worried. we have been -- he has been fragile. he has been like really, it was clear to us that, you know that he was not in great shape. >> landmarks made famous by his legendary career, spilling over, with tributes this morning. from the bench in boston, from "good will hunting" to the san francisco home of "mrs. doubtfire," and the house in colorado where it started with "mork & mindy." >> now to another sad passing -- hollywood legend, lauren bacall has died here in new york. the actress had a long career on movies, broadway, and television. here's abc's juju chang. >> reporter: lauren bacall's life story is the stuff hollywood dreams are made of. spotted at 19 on the cover of "harper's bazaar" brought to hollywood to star in her first picture. >> what did you do that for? >> reporter: opposite humphrey bogart in "to have and have not." >> what's the decision? >> i don't know yet. >> reporter: they fell in love
3:35 am
and despite a 25-year age difference, married the next year. ♪ on and off screen, they were hollywood's golden couple. >> i like that. i'd like more. >> reporter: "no one," bacall said, "has ever written a romance better than we lived it." in 1957, bogey died of cancer. bacall had a well publicized romance with frank sinatra and ill-fated marriage to jason robards. >> the men were all mistakes except for bogart. every one of them was a mistake. >> reporter: bacall found her salvation on stage. ♪ singing and dancing her way to two tony awards. on screen, she evolved from seductress to the elegant older woman. >> i mean there was a man in my compartment last night. it was pitch-dark of course, and my eyes were closed in terror. >> reporter: you can't always be a leading lady, a glamour puss she said. >> how would it look, the mother dating and the daughter stays home alone? >> mom, who's looking?
3:36 am
>> reporter: people did look. bacall commanded attention. she exuded class. elegance. independence. in her 70s, she was nominated for an oscar. and honored at the kennedy center. [ applause ] "it's hard to believe," she once said, "that it all happened to me." >> because you do have a sense that it's -- it's, how could i live through all of that? >> juju chang, abc news, new york. >> what an incredible actress. you know she said she named her son steven after the character of that first movie, "to have and have not" which was bogey's character's name. >> fascinating. so many remembrances you have been noting have been pouring in on twitter and facebook. this one from richard roper, film critic, tweeted just moments ago -- "lauren bacall was a great beauty, a natural to be filmed in glorious black and white." >> she will be missed. >> moving on to the crisis in iraq and word that more than 130 more u.s. troops are arriving on
3:37 am
the ground there to assess the situation in that key city of erbil. the pentagon says they joined more than 800 u.s. service members already in iraq. meanwhile thousands of iraqi refugees have been trying to flee their village after isis forces took over. u.s. air force cargo planes made a sixth airdrop overnight of food and water to help the trapped civilians on sinjar mountain. >> the world health organization approved the use of an experimental ebola treatment given to aid worker who should get it. the last doses made in the u.s. is going to two doctors battling ebola in liberia. it could take months to make more. canada just announced plans to donate up to 1,000 doses of its experimental vaccine to africa. it is far short of what its -- it is far short of what is needed there. >> topping our health headlines, putting hand sanitizer in your child's backpack may be a waste of time and money. a new study finds the use of hand sanitizer in the classroom did not keep kids from getting sick. researchers in new zealand said
3:38 am
sanitizer in school was no better than just teaching students to wash their hands with good old soap and water. >> and since you are watching us, maybe you are struggling with insomnia or maybe a night shift worker. if that is the case, a new study about sleeping aid might come as a surprise. it says those medications aren't worth their cost. it claims taking melatonin increased the average length of sleep tine after a night shift by just 24 minutes. and users' level of alertness when they were taking and awake after taking the sleep aid improved only moderately. so we are back. back to -- >> what do you think? >> finding your own remedy. i think. what do you do? >> i take over-the-counter sleeping remedy. i think it helps get you to sleep every night. if getting you to sleep gets you in there quicker on the pillow i'm all for it. >> i try not to. i try to just use -- >> naturally. >> state of mind. >> i also use eye masks. very scary looking. >> going to ask you, a wild variety of eye masks.
3:39 am
>> i have a collection, maybe we should feature some time. >> need to bring those in. >> abc "world news now." all right. well, moving on with some kudos for the u.s. coast guard. often see their crews in action rescuing people from a boat. that's not the case here. >> these guys were off the new jersey coast last weekend helping a huge leatherback turtle. the turtle was said to be about 800 pounds. you can see its flipper splashing the water. >> it had become entangled with fishing gear, interfering with its ability to swim. once it was freed, the little guy -- big guy, just drift add guy -- big guy, just drifted away very happy. flipping his way through there. >> that's right. >> i have never seen a turtle that big. i must say. even at aquariums. >> didn't know they would be off the coast there. >> coast guard to the rescue. they do great work out there. from babies, sail boats, turtles. they're doing it all. and a big splash to them. coming of in "the skinny." major developments for hard-core
3:40 am
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robin williams, we are discovering all of the ways he had touched the lives of those closest to him. and one of his dearest friends was christopher reeve. >> the two met as aspiring actors in school and made a pact that would last a lifetime even after reeves' death. abc's barbara walters has a special look at that incredible bond. >> reporter: it was 1973, two young men part of 2000 students who were auditioning for just 20 spots at the prestigious juilliard school of drama. and they both made it in. reeve and williams became roommates and formed a friendship that would last for decades even after death. >> i just want to thank, also, a very, very special person tonight, chris reeve, i miss you, and i also say play may flights of angels sing to you thy sweet rest, sweet prince.
3:45 am
good night. >> legend has it two made a pact as students that who ever made it first would always support the other one. in 1995, reeve injured his spine in a horse riding accident. and was paralyzed from the neck down. when i interviewed him four months later, he said the greatest gift williams ever gave him was the gift of laughter. >> you had a very good friend named robin williams. >> yes. yes. >> and i understand that he came here to see you? >> i was hanging upside down, semiconscious, not eating, not drinking. and i turned to my side and there is robin williams dressed as a doctor, wearing one of those funny blue scrub hats. for the first time since i crashed, i laughed. as i always, as we always do with robin. and i felt such joy at seeing him. he had come all that way. and, you know seeing him, and laughing and enjoying each other
3:46 am
like the old days was one of the first indicators that life could be good again. >> so powerful there to see him with barbara back many years ago. and i love this -- from reeves book his description of william, short haired, stocky, long haired fellow, wore tie dye shirts with track bottoms and talked a mile a minute. when they first met back in school. they of course -- 6 they would go on to become, in the word of reeves' widow "closer than brothers." >> described him perfectly. it's fun to hear now just the story line of their powerful relationship as you mentioned, reeves wife mentioning they're close as brothers. kind of unlikely they would be close. fun to hear those stories. >> and there in a time of need. >> when we come back, big news for "breaking bad" fans. >> if you watching "breaking bad" you know walter white may be no more. the story lives on. see what his lawyer is
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ ♪ skinny so skin♪ ♪ ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ >> it is time now for "the skinny." and a legal break for justin bieber. >> big break. his drunk driving case in miami, florida, expected to conclude today with a plea deal and the state dropping the big dui charge. bieber of course arrested last
3:49 am
january along with a friend after they allegedly drag raced. bieber behind the wheel of the yellow lamborghini. "the miami herald" reporting this morning that lawyers will accept a guilty plea for careless driving and resisting arrest. >> also part of the deal, anger management courses and compulsory viewing of videos showing the real life tragic consequences of drunk driving. >> all right. maybe he will actually sit in on the classes and watch them online. we'll see. >> a judge says yes. >> a judge is going to give him the order. next another reason fans of abc's "nashville" lovers of country music will want to check this out. season premiere next month. >> season two cliffhanger back in may, left charles' character in the midst of a love triangle. wait there is more. >> that's right. during season three's premiere, he will perform a song he co-wrote with country singer dinah carter, live from the show any bluebird cafe set. the special live season premiere of nashville, airs on september 24th here on lose
3:50 am
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>> it does. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.


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